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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 1, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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>> it's g.p. and the fergs epilogue. [meow] [laughter] craig: how do you think it went? geoff: it was pretty good, pal. craig: yeah. seth rogen i think, he enjoys the pot. [laughter] geoff: what were we talking about? [laughter] craig: you're a robot. geoff: i know, man. [laughter] geoff: hey, lesbians, man.
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lesbians. right there, man. craig: good night, everybody. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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whoa. you gotta be kidding! you guys are exactly who i had in mind when i created my new jumbo breakfast platter. it's a ton of food: 8 of my new mini pancakes, hash brown sticks, scrambled eggs, plus bacon or sausage, all for only $2.99. it's just the kind of breakfast hardworking guys like you need. ...yeah. they're here! ladies, you have the right to remain sexy... ground for violence late at night. the plan to make you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. they are not helping to patrol our neighborhoods and to
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keep those neighborhoods safe. >> parking lots can be a breeding ground for violence late at night. the plan to make it safer after last call. >> there are times when people should take a stand and support the community. >> the president has done it, several major league baseball teams have done it. so why won't the san jose sharks participate in an antibullying campaign? >> we kept screaming and the next thing we heard dad say, help. help. >> he was trapped for six days after his car went off a cliff. what one man had to eat to survive. good everyoning, i'm ken. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. things can get out of hand when clubs close for the night. >> but it doesn't target the clubs themselves. linda yee on why the proposal takes aim at where club goers park their cars. >> parking lots with attendants working until 3:00
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a.m. are rare, but under a proposed law, it will be law for lots within entertainment venues. they become breeding grounds for violence. steven lee has his own security team to escort his customers to their cars. >> there are people in the lot. we call them parking lot predators. what happens is, they engage our guests to where they sometimes disrespect the women. sometimes they pick fights with the boyfriend. >> last year, a fight and shooting outside a market club left one man dead and three others injured. next week, the san francisco board of supervisors will consider a law that will require parking lot owners to come up with a security plan. >> you will be required to have lights within your establishment, to lock up your establishment after it is no longer attended and to have someone paroling on site until 3:00. >> but some broadway club owners are skeptical that all
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night parking lot attendants would help stop the violence. >> i think the parking attendants don't do anything about it. >> part of this new proposal is make sure these lots have parking attendants to help stop those problems. you don't think it's going to work? >> if they enforce it, maybe. >> and hiring attendants to work all night could be costly. >> many of the lots are making a lot of money. they are profiting from the very nightclub that is close by. and yet, they are not helping to patrol our neighborhoods and to keep those neighborhoods safe. >> i am standing in front of a parking lot that does work. you see right behind me, that is the nightclub. next to me is this lot. it has an attendant that stays here all night and a fence that could close off the lot. this new proposal is aimed at those open lots that you see no attendance. those are the ones that are
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dangerous. we tried to contact operators of those types of lots. we were not successful tonight. >> got to be very careful, especially at night. linda yee, thank you. an amtrak train on it way from oakland to bakers field collided with a semi in eastern contra costa county. the truck was hit between antioch and discovery bay at around 7:30 tonight. 200 passengers were on board the san joaquin 718. the train did not derail. more than two dozen people have complained of minor pain. authorities say there are no serious injuries. law enforcement agents have expanded their search of a remote area for suspected killer. they are searching a forced area of fort bragg for aaron. investigators say yesterday a three-man team from the alameda county sheriff's office got in a shootout with the suspect. now deputies were hurt, it's not clear if he was shot.
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how dangerous is this guy? >> i would say yesterday's activities proved that he has the ability to pull the trigger. >> he is accused of killing two people, including a fort bragg city council member. tonight, an american born al-qaeda leader is dead, killed in a u.s. air strike. al-awlaki inspired the fort hood major who killed 13 service members. pentagon had been searching for him for months now. the attack that killed him was only the tip of a much larger operation. >> missiles fired by the drone took out al-awlaki's vehicle, making the american born cleric the first u.s. citizen to be targeted and killed as a terrorist. senior defense official said a very bad man just had a very bad day. the president seemed to have no qualms about al-awlaki's american roots. >> al-awlaki was the leader of external operations for al-
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qaeda in the arabian peninsula. he took the lead in planning and directing efforts to murder innocent americans. >> cann, another american member of al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula and two passengers were also killed. but al-awlaki was the main target. he had narrowly escaped an earlier drone strike the week after the bin laden raid. and this time, the u.s. was taking no chances. his hideout in a remote town was under continuous surveillance. and the pattern of his daily routine monitored. carrier jets flying from a carrier off the coast were ready to take a shot, but the cia drone missed. there was an option for sending in marine with special operations forces to collect any intelligence left after the strike, but that was never used. it was part of a secret buildup that occurred in and around yemen as that country emerged to one of al-qaeda's most
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active branches. >> further proof that al-qaeda and its affiliates will find no safe haven anywhere in the world. >> since the bin laden raid last may, the u.s. killed seven other high level al-qaeda operatives in pakistan, somalia and yemen. david martin, cbs news, the pentagon. >> and there's late word tonight that the attack also appears to have killed al- qaeda's top saudi bomb maker. believed to have made the explosives that were used in the airline plot in 2009. several conservative u.s. lawmakers, including ron paul, as well as civil rights groups criticized the attack because al-awlaki was a u.s. citizen. they say he deserved due process. the suspected killer of a local hell's angel's leader is behind bars thanks to an alert police officer at uc san francisco.
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investigators say 53-year-old earnesto gonzalez was caught on surveillance cameras gunning down pettigrew at a casino in sparks, nevada last week. gonzalez was arrested last night after a ucsf officer spotted something strange about a car with washington plates. >> again, the officer saw movement in the car. detected that as suspicious, made contact with the driver. identified the driver as the wanted person and made the arrest. >> investigators still don't have motive for the murder, but gonzalez is a member of a rival bike club in san jose. police there say they are watching for possible retaliation. >> the backlash against bank of america's debit fees and bailouts shows no sign of slowing down. protesters in san francisco gathered outside the federal reserve on market street tonight holding up signs that read, justice is blind. the group calls itself make banks pay in california. protesters around the nation
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have also targeted chase and wells fargo. other news making headlines around the bay area, police are still looking for the person who hit a man in a wheelchair and took off. 52-year-old david cox was hit from behind in the intersection of 34th street and esmond avenue. investigators say the suspect drove a black two-door older model lexus and a rear spoiler and should have front end damage. a big jump in the number of sexual assaults reported on the stanford campus. students there reported 21 attacks last year. that's a 75% jump from 2009. 13 of the attacks were rapes compared to five the year before. a campus spokesman says it doesn't necessarily mean there have been more attacks, only that more students may be coming toward forward to report them. the da decided not to file criminal charnels against mike
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kelly for slapping a councilwoman's hand. instead, they'll hold a citation hearing. kelly could still face formal charges as a result of the hearing if a new incident were to happen in the next 12 months. when it comes to campaigning, many major league teams are in. but the san jose sharks are out. the team denied one fan's request to take part in an antibullying program. kit on why the sharks refuse to participate. >> so, here i have patrick marlowe's autographed pitcher. >> gloria is a die hard sharks fan. >> here's a photo with me and j.r. >> with the memorabilia to prove it. she's also a gay rights activist who married her long time girlfriend of 23 years. so when the san francisco giants were the first prosports team to shoot a video, gloria figured, why not the sharks?
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she asked, but they said no. >> disappointed? >> under statement. somebody from the sharks comes forward and says, you know, it gets better, you know, hang in there. that may save someone's life, who is thinking about going and stepping on the train tracks. >> the movement now has 20,000 youtube clips from ordinary people all the way to president obama. all in an effort to stop bullying and prevent suicide among gay teenagers. it's also caught on with major league baseball. the cubs, the seattle mariners, the phillies, the tampa bay rays, the boston red sox and the baltimore orioles have shot videos. as for the sharks, they issued a written statement saying while sharks force an entertainment praises efforts of the it gets better campaign, we receive hundreds of requests each season to get involved in a vast array of admirable causes.
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yet it is simply not possible to say yes to all such requests. fans we spoke with say make the time. >> i think president obama is busy, too. he still makes the video. >> gloria launched an online petition for a sharks video with more than 300 signatures. they're not alone. many other nfl and nba teams have petitioned for videos as well. >> i think there are times when people should take a stand and kind of support the community. >> and so the sharks say that they do not want anyone to misinterpret this no answer that somehow means they are probullying. that is simply not the case. as far as the other bay area sports teams are concerned, the 49ers were the only one to call us back. they say they have not officially received any kind of request to make a video, but if they do, they would probably make it. >> all right, kit reporting live from san jose. thank you. his car plunged into a ravine and he was trapped for six days. what one man was forced to eat
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stable condition. his car went off a cliff, falling 200 feet. tonight, the 67-year-old man is in stable condition. >> he was trapped in a ravine in the angeles national forest for six days. sandra hughes with his story of
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survival. >> david was trapped in this mountain ravine for six days and might still be there if his family didn't find him. his children launch the ed a search when they didn't hear from him. they figured out where the 67- year-old last used his cell phone and debit card to narrow down the area. >> we looked over every hill and my brother got out of the car and we kept screaming and the next thing we heard dad say, help. help. >> rescuers plucked him from the ravine thursday night and also brought a couple of his family members to safety after they got stuck trying to reach him. >> we pulled up and there was four or five women jumping, screaming, pointing down over the side, telling us, he's down there. >> his car came to rest right next to another car that apparently went off the same road in what police say is an unrelated crash. that driver was killed. lavo told doctors on coming headlights blinded him and he
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drove off the road. when he arrived at the hospital, he was dehydrated and hungry, but surprisingly coherent. he is being treated for a dislocated shoulder, broken arm, and multiple fractures in his back and ribs. >> it's astonishing he has done as well as he has. when the details of his story became apparent to me, i was actually shocked at how well he was doing. >> he survived drinking creek water and eating whatever he could find. >> eating off of leafs, grass, and ants. >> reunited at the hospital the next day, this family has reason to celebrate. sandra hughes, cbs news, valencia, california. nearly 33,000 pounds of lettuce are being recalled tonight. true leaf farms is voluntarily recalling chopped and bagged lettuce grown in watsonville. a possible listeria contamination was found during a random check. the bags were shipped to 21 states and canada. no illnesses have been
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reported. most brides will tell you the day before the wedding can be very stressful, but one bay area bride isn't worried so much about the little things. the family searching for a new place to get married tomorrow. >> you could see the fire throughout the napa valley. flames burning through the two- story house and an addition under construction. fortunately, no one was home at the time. a home belonging to napa wine maker, jason and his wife, page. >> my husband and i got married here over 15 years ago. >> and tomorrow, their daughter and her fiance were planning to be married at the family home. the family was in the process of adding an addition. in fact, it's directly behind me. the main portion of the house is what was essentially burned. firefighters having to use some of the pool water to help douse the flames last night. and right here is where the
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bride and groom were supposed to stand tomorrow for their wedding vows before family and friends with this sweeping view of the napa valley. but despite the loss of a home and a dream wedding location, the family says something remarkable has come out of it. friends reaching out so the wedding could go on. >> everyone opened their home. saying you can have the wedding here. >> at the time of the fire, neighbors rushed in and grabbed valuables and photo albums. tom says this isn't the first time this home has burned down. >> there was another fire here in the early 80s set by an arsonist and that house actually burned down at that time. >> as for the bride. >> she is holding it together. she goes waves up and down. >> i guess the question is, where was the wedding dress? >> it was not here. investigators are still looking into the cause of the fire. they believe it is accidental.
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they have ruled out arson. in napa, juliette goodrich, cbs 5. they will probably card you when they ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i know you have been talking about rain coming. it's a perfect weekend to watch football, right? >> the rain isn't going to come for the weekend. >> perfect weekend to sit around and watch football, right? >> perfect weekend to watch football right here on cbs. let's get to that forecast because we are calling for partly cloudy conditions. 69 degrees and go raiders. how about across the bay? the city by the bay. the city of san francisco where today's high temperature was 67. down from the average high 71 degrees. tonight out and about, we have the clouds increasing as they made it over the dublin grade. it will. temperatures in the 50s. tomorrow a few sprinkles north of the golden gate bridge. that's about it. mostly cloudy skies. a few sunny breaks. 64 san francisco.
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75 degrees in san jose. mid 70s in morgan hill. the winds will be blowing out of the west and southwest. 70s pretty common across the peninsula. the warmest numbers of all, up to 78 degrees. north bay numbers will span from the cloud cover at 58 to 73 degrees. we have an area of low pressure. a weak impulse blowing through tomorrow with the sprinkles. it will bring rain showers on monday, very light. the bigger storm comes on tuesday through thursday. statewide, dry, except around eureka. we call for the light rain on monday. a bit of a break on tuesday until tuesday night. rain and wind develop into wednesday. tapers off thursday and by the time it does taper off, we could see up to 3 inches of rain in the northern portion of our district. that is your weekend pinpoint forecast. we'll be r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the red sox at the beginning of
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, boston's the rays were nine games behind the red sox at the beginning of september. one month later, boston sitting at home and tampa is two wins away from the alcs. an emotional scene in texas. cooper stone throwing out the first pitch to his favorite player, josh hamilton. his father died after a fall from the bleachers. 22-year-old matt mora making his second career start and so much for rookie jitters. he gives up two hits in seven shutout innings and strikes out six. kelly only hit .176 this season, but turned into johnny bench today. shot two homers and drove in five runs as the rays blow out the rangers 9-0. and like any good catcher, he made sure to keep the spotlight on his pitcher. >> i was like, who is matt moore? i no one is going to forget his
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name now. but you know, we have been hearing about him for years. i was confused on his name. >> the yankees and tigers only lasted an inning and a half. game one tomorrow in the bottom of the 2nd inning, but tonight's starters and justin verlander will not pitch. meanwhile, the fallout is just beginning in boston after their collapse down the stretch. manager terri will not return to the team next season. he spent eight seasons with the red sox and led them to two world series titles. >> certainly aged me. when i came here, i thought i was kind of weathered, now that i look back, i looked like a teenager. you know, this is tough. especially when we care a lot. >> frank francoeur will be a game time decision. on the eagles side.
2:06 am
all eyes will be on michael vick's right hand. it's not broken, but he will need to wear a lined glove and while he said there is a 100% chance of him playing on sunday, jim harbaugh wouldn't mind if the eagles played it safe. >> with the injury he had two weeks ago. with the hand injury this week, probably be the prudent thing to rest him for a week. i think that would be prudent for them to do that. >> the patriots have plenty of big names. tom brady, chad ochocinco and the hoody, bill belichick. none of them are as big of a star as raiders star sampson. >> oh my gosh, he gets a big block. >> you can't see it enough, but according to fellow linemen, his ego has been out of control this week.
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>> you know, he got that big head last week. now i can't hang out with him. he won't bring me subway now. get your own subway sandwich. >> you can see the raiders and patriots sunday at 1:00 right here on cbs 5 and stay tuned after the game for the 5th quarter. it was really interesting. some of the bay area said, tell us what really happened in that tough game. brady said you are never going to get the answer you want. >> oh, that could mean many things. >> maybe we'll find out ,,,,
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i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions. extravaganza held at the orpheum theater in san francisco. thrnchts >> there he is. the show featured designers like calvin kline and kenneth kole. >> have a good weekend. we'll ,,,,,,,,
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